Corona rumors spreading like a wild fire

Not true and no relation to other case


The minister of health and social services (MHSS) Kalumbi Shangula confirmed that a member of the public in Swakopmund had decided to undergo a test for Covid-19 yesterday.

Although, it is not yet known if it is a man or woman who went to get tested, Shangula said this was not the same person who was confirmed positive in an earlier press release issued by the MHSS on Sunday.

“The person was tested and the results will be made known to the ministry this week. This particular case is not related to any other case previously reported. This is a suspected case in Swakopmund. Specimens were only taken today (Monday), so the results will be available in 2 to 3 days,” the minister said.

The minister further emphasised that there are no new positive cases of Covid-19 reported since the press release which confirmed Namibia’s ninth, tenth and eleventh cases. “If there are any new developments, I will set up a press conference which will be followed by a press release,” he said.

Conflicting reports circulating

International media outlets and a local radio station reported that the ninth positive case of Covid-19, a 35-year old woman who is said to be the daughter of a famous South African pastor, allegedly infected her husband, when she travelled from Windhoek to Swakopmund before the partial lockdown of the Erongo and Khomas regions was put into implementation on Friday night at 23:59.

Case no 9, a 35-year old Namibian woman who resides in South Africa returned to the Namibia on 20 March. She was attended to by a private medical practitioner and was advised to go for testing at Path Care.

A sample was taken and sent to NICD in South Africa on 25 March. The test result was reported positive on 27 March. The woman’s condition was reported as stable and arrangements were made for her to be admitted in an isolation facility.

There have also been many rumours circulating on social media platforms including Whatsapp, saying that the house where the man suspected to have been infected by his wife, is surrounded by the special task force of the Namibia Police Force (NamPol) in the Erongo region.

Nampol spokesperson, Warrant Officer Iileni Shapumba, denied that any police members had surrounded any house in Vineta. “There is no police task force outside any house in Vineta,” said Shapumba.

Local mine

In response to reports on the local radio station and international media implying that that there are now three new positive cases of Covid-19 in the Vineta suburb of Swakopmund, an internal memo written by the CEO of the local mine surfaced on Monday.

In light of these developments, the CEO of a uranium mine informed staff members via a memorandum that the site risk rating at the mine will now move from Level 1 to 2, according to the mine’s Covid-19 Management Plan.

According to the leaked memorandum, a number of additional measures and control also became effective, in addition to measures already in place.

These include:

• Mandatory wearing of masks/respirators both during commuting to and from site on buses and onsite.

• Body temperature monitoring of employees prior to boarding the bus in the morning is to be conducted by the bus drivers.

• Individual daily reporting of health status, either via the daily DingTalk app or through a manual system of SMS through their departments.

• Mandatory social distancing at work, i.e. no meetings with more than 10 people and keeping at least 1 meter distance between people.

With an increase in health risks for everyone in the Erongo region and more particularly in Swakopmund, the CEO appealed to all employees to take note of the new measures and comply with company guidelines on Covid-19 prevention.

He also encouraged everyone to adhere to the national guidelines and to practice similar measures and control at home.

“In consideration of the shortage of supply during this testing time, we strongly appeal to all employees to take good care of the infrared thermal monitors and masks and/or respirators given to you, so that we preserve our stock inventory for as long as we can because the end period for this health risk and threat is unknown.”

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