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CoW approves N$8.9 million for Covid-19

Donations big and small received

Windhoek •

City of Windhoek (CoW) chief executive Robert Kahimise announced that N$8.9 million has been approved to mitigate the risks associated with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Amongst others, Council resolved to provide free water to residents in informal settlements for the duration of the lockdown, adding that the process of opening standpipes to discharge free water to these communities is going well.

He said that to date, the CoW has reconnected 1 200 water accounts for clients who were disconnected due to non-payment, with the exercise to reconnected clients that is ongoing.

He added that 18 water tanks were placed at strategic locations to provide free water in informal settlements and are being re-filled every two days. “Additional tanks are being erected as quickly as possible, following the necessary engineering and safety requirements.”

Donations received

In the meantime, the Social Security Commission (SSC) donated N$3.3 million to be used for the provision of water sanitation and other needed essentials.

“The responsibility does not rest on government alone and those who can contribute to fight the pandemic, should help where they can, especially for the informal settlements,” said SSC chief executive Milka Mungunda.

“The money will be used in five constituencies, namely Khomasdal where five 10 000 litre water tanks, five standpipes and eight toilets will be erected. In Moses ||Garoëb, five water tanks, five standpipes and five toilets will be placed, while Tobias Hainyeko will receive 13 toilets. Samora Machel will receive ten water tanks, ten standpipes and 20 toilets. Windhoek rural will receive two water tanks and two standpipes.”

She said the need is not only in these areas, but that residents in these constituencies face a bigger risk.

“We have also reached out to the Erongo region and donated N$500 000 towards the cause there,” she said, adding that accountability is required.

Kahimise added that with 140 000 residents in 40 000 dwellings in the informal settlements, the need is huge.

However, he is thankful for the private sector who has come on board to help in this regard. Other supporters are MTC that donated N$100 000 for water provision, the City of Windhoek Mayoral Relief fund that availed N$300 000 and NamPower that donated 80 mobile toilets.

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