Digital transformation in a time of corona

Like the rest of the world, Namibia is in the grips of something that no-one has ever experienced before – an almost global ‘social-isolation’ and lockdown scenario.

According to Jan Coetzee of Headway Consulting, measures to stay safe have an effect on how we work and interact with clients. “This is where digital transformation can and does come into its own in this new ‘unchartered world’ that we find ourselves in.”

He said that our lives are a set of routines and anything that breaks that routine, has a major impact. “Now we have a new normal to get used to. Working from home was often spoken about, embraced as a concept, but organisations were often not that happy about it happening in real life. However, with our hands tied and only the most vital employees being asked to come into work in a bid to stop the spread of Covid-19, working from home has become the new normal.”

However, he feels that while many organisations are often already set up for telecommunicating, they often don’t utilise technology options. “What is essential though, is to ensure the network, the devices connected and the people using the devices, are tech-savvy enough and safety conscious enough to keep documents, files and data protected.”

Coetzee said that the current grim reasons for self-isolation and possible quarantine of people and other restrictions which are required to be put in place, can and should be implemented in the long-term as well.

“We need to fight this virus while trying to make life seem as normal as possible. This is where digital transformation is key and no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. It has become essential to our way of life and to keep the economy going.”

He suggests that a sensible strategy would be to consider your readiness from a number of perspectives, namely: Organisation and People readiness, Information and Technology readiness, Partners and Supplier readiness and Process readiness.

“Let us consider these perspectives on how ready we are as organisations to transform our processes from manual to digital.”

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