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Health facilities remain open

The Katutura State Hospital and other health facilities will continue to operate as usual, the Executive Director in the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ben Nangombe, said.

Nangombe was responding to rumours doing rounds on social media that people are being turned away at the state hospital under directives that only Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases will be attended


Speaking to Nampa, Nangombe dispelled rumours, saying that the health ministry has dedicated the Robert Mugabe Clinic in the capital to respond to Covid-19 cases. “The health policy is to give public healthcare to all Namibians, so there is no way a health professional will turn away patients.”

He added that though the Robert Clinic is the Covid-19 response health facility, patients that show signs of the illness at other health facilities will be attended to as well before they are transferred to the clinic, saying that it is important for the public to be aware of Covid-19 symptoms so that they can immediately seek healthcare at the designated clinic.

Namibia has so far recorded 11 confirmed Covid-19 cases. – Nampa

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