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Millions from OM

Old Mutual Namibia has pledged N$5 million towards the nationwide efforts to help address some of the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Specific areas of support include provision of food to poor and vulnerable communities; technical equipment; and allowances for payment of recruited medical professionals.

Their commitment is divided as follows:

• Old Mutual has pledged N$1 million towards the supply and delivery of food to the poor, old age homes, orphanages as well as vulnerable communities. The company recognises that a large portion of the poor and the vulnerable receive a limited income from daily/hourly labour which they will not be able to earn during the lockdown. Therefore, Old Mutual Namibia will provide non-perishable foods to the poor and vulnerable members of our society.

• A total of N$2.7 million, of which N$1.7 million goes towards acquiring testing equipment, broadening scale of testing and the procurement of test kits; and N$1 million towards strengthening tracing capacity including equipment, tools and services required for effective tracing.

• N$1.3 million will be contributed to the National Disaster Fund: COVID-19 to mitigate impact of the pandemic. This targeted pledge is geared towards the payment of allowances to temporarily recruited medical professionals such as recently graduated medical students and nurses who might be recalled by government to assist.

During this trying time, Old Mutual Namibia is testament to their credo of being a certain friend in uncertain times. Says Old Mutual Group CEO, Kosmas Egumbo: “We join and encourage other actors in our society to do more in collectively preventing Covid-19.”

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