More toilets for Twaloloka

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The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) through its Social Investment Fund, donated 20 mobile toilets valued at N$74 520 to residents of Twaloloka informal settlement in Kuisebmond on Wednesday.

Namport also donated medical equipment and supplies to the value of N$105 000 to the Covid-19 isolation facility currently being constructed behind the Walvis Bay State Hospital. This donation consists of equipment, protective gear and cleaning materials.

The Walvis Bay Corridor Group also received N$50 000 to educate truck drivers and corridor route users about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Namport acting CEO Kavin Harry said that sanitation has become a critical issue.

“I encourage the community of Twaloloka to uphold the highest standard of hygiene to prevent the spread of any communicable diseases. We will continue to monitor requirements throughout the progression of the pandemic and within our means, do our best to contribute towards the national efforts to combat the illness.”

Harry urged all Namibians to comply with the national guidelines and regulations for the 21-day lockdown period. “Let’s stay at home and practice social distancing.”

Hundreds of people, including children, live in deplorable conditions at the Twaloloka informal settlement.

A resident, Meriam Uazeua, said that families live on top of each other.

“There is a disease that spreads easily. How can we prevent it when we live like this? We are about six people living in one shack, including children. If the municipality can extend the borders of the settlement, we will be able to put some distance between each shack.”

Twalaloka is one of the settlements where Hepatitis E already infected about five people.

The residents make use of a pre-paid water meter and pay rent for the shacks they live in.

The Walvis Bay municipality availed four mobile toilets to the residents in a bid to curb the spread of Hepatitis E.

Before the arrival of the mobile toilets, residents relieved themselves in a hole they had dug themselves.

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