N$1m to fight corona in Kavango East

Kenya Kambowe RUNDU The Kavango East regional council has given the regional health directorate just over N$1 million to fight the coronavirus. The leadership of the region's six constituencies redirected funds meant for this year's independence celebrations as well as purchasing cleaning supplies to the health ministry to assist in the fight against the pandemic. This was announced by Kavango East regional council chairperson, John Thighuru, at Rundu last week during a stakeholders meeting, which aimed to ensure that the coronavirus does not rear its ugly head in the region. The total amount from the Kavango East regional council is N$1 007 264. Thighuru said each of the six constituencies had a budget of N$30 000 to host their own pre-independence celebrations. A further N$820 000 for the purchasing of office cleaning materials was also redirected to the health directorate. “In addition, we requested the chief regional officer to look into the coffers and at least we had something there. “We decided that these monies must be divided amongst the six constituencies and also be donated to the fight against Covid-19,” Thighuru added. He said the various constituency offices have also put in place preventive measures to fight the virus. This includes the purchasing of cleaning materials that are already in use at offices by community members.

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