Napso cancels all 2020 events

For the first time since its inception 23 years ago, the Namibia Private Schools Organisation (Napso) has announced that they will be cancelling all their events for the year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“These 23 years were filled with the best sport, culture and academic gatherings this country can offer and made it possible for everyone to gather once more, catch up on old friendships, create new ones and just enjoy each other. When it came to the cancellations of these special moments it could only be caused by an international health pandemic like Covid-19 and demanded by the officials,” said Wouter Niehaus, the chief executive officer of Napso.

“With a very heavy heart, I am making the official announcement that all Napso events for 2020 have been cancelled. These events will be moved to 2021 and all event hosts will remain the same in the new year” Niehaus added.

“Our hearts go out to the hosting schools that have already invested a lot of time and money in these amazing events. Now these efforts must be maintained to be enjoyed in the coming year,” Niehaus added.

Events that will be cancelled are as follows:

- The Napso/Securitas Private School Week, hosted by Tsumeb Gimnasium (26-30 May).

- The Napso/Spar cricket festival and Napso/Nictus cultural festival, hosted by Private School Moria (24-26 September).

- The Napso/Build it sport teams announcement and the first time they would have competed South-Africa.

- The travelling of the Napso school inspection teams to do personal inspections of the Napso schools.

“We regret this announcement but would rather urge our parents and schools to invest their time and money in to their communities and each other to recover financially before we kick off with an exciting 2021,” Niehaus concluded.

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