Protective gear for NamPol

The Ohlthaver & List Group (O&L) donated 13 000 pairs of gloves and 2 000 bottles of hand sanitiser to the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) to help fight the Coronavirus (Covid-19) during the lock-down period.

The donation was made at the NamPol headquarters in the capital by O&L Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme, and was received by NamPol Deputy Inspector-General for Operations, Oscar Embubulu.

Thieme said in these unprecedented times, it is important to stay focused and practice transcending actions through purpose, care and discipline. “The Covid-19 crisis requires a collaborative effort by each and every Namibian citizen, including Government, industry leaders, the public and private sector as well as our communities to actively participate in curbing the spread of and flattening the curve of the virus,” Thieme said.

He said police officers are some of the most important people in the country, because they have been trying to keep people safe and making sure everyone complies with regulations, and it puts them at risk as they interact with different people on daily basis. “We are also looking at how we can support the supply of oxygen, some people are saying we’ve got enough but if we hit the crisis then we will realise that we don’t have enough at all. We need to learn from other countries and know what to do if things get worse,” Thieme said.

On his part, Embubulu said he is grateful and happy that many companies are coming on board to help the security cluster operate with safety as they are at the forefront of making sure the public is protected from further spread of the corona virus, and urged other companies to do the same.

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