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Tip that tap for your health

RMB Namibia through the FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust donated N$500 000 to assist a Covid-19 emergency response programme directly targeting Windhoek’s informal settlements.

RMB Namibia’s chief executive Conrad Dempsey said that Windhoek’s informal settlements with more than 180 000 residents, are likely to be hard hit by Covid-19 over the coming weeks both in terms of health and economically as the crisis unfolds.

“The tippy tap programme is implemented by the not-for-profit organisation Development Workshop Namibia (DWN) in collaboration with the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE). Together we aim to assist in setting up more than 10 000 hand washing units, known as tippy taps, in the next 20 days, reaching approximately 40 000 families. There is a real chance to reach out to the majority of informal settlement households (approximately 65 000) within a short period of time”, Dempsey said.

Activities on the ground were initiated last week and teams of DWN staff and local volunteers and within a few days already set up more than 500 tippy taps. By early April, four teams with 60 volunteers will be setting up between 300-400 tippy taps per day across the informal settlements of Windhoek. As teams become more practiced, the rate may increase to 130 units per team per day.

Dempsey extended his gratitude towards all partners as well as the many volunteers who have been hard at work installing the tippy taps.

“From examples across the world we know that it is important to react early and decisively. We hope that the support from RMB will contribute towards reducing the impact that COVID-19 will have on the most vulnerable segments of Namibia’s population.”

Pamphlets on Covid-19 and how to construct the tippy taps are also being distributed in the informal settlements.

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